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This website has been critically viewed by MOCA and selected as one of the distinguished computer art sites Computer Art, Surreal Art,Abstract Art,Digital Art 3d Art, and 2D Art images can be viewed and purchased at Art Wanted and Zazzle. The Mystic Computer Art images on these pages are very high resolution. There is much more art at, but at lower resolution. Metaphysical, spiritual, alien, allegorical, metaphor writings, essays, quotes and such can be found there as well. Read about our near death experiences. Listen to some music (mp3) The only alien is human intelligence. We are the spirit of discovery looking for spiritual and metaphysical meaning in atoms. Its a surreal and abstract allegorical and metaphorical reality. Mystic and alien their near death experiences bring fresh metaphors to their computer art gallery. Surreal Art, Abstract Art, 3d Art, mystic and metaphysical digital art and writings metaphors for their near death experiences.

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