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 .  Like the TV but  one that moved around and made sounds.   


however there  wasn't sufficient evidence in the analysis , Hypertonia, Ataxia, 



  The teacher was quite surprised.


.  Not something easily Not like  Unlike Alicia who was mentally challenged because of the effects of her mothers drinking alcohol, Kalis muscle had no tone.



Unlike Joel    did.  She Nor did she respond to stimulus Alicia   I saw him again for a few days when he was seven.  I did not see him again until he was 14 or 15.  He stayed with me in Oregon for part of a school year, returning to Bakersfield Ca.  I lived in a small community called Banks.  The school had less than 400 students.  In Bakersfield his grade level had 1000 students.   ..  Alicia was adopted as a new born. She was healthy.  

She was unable to suckle and had to have formula squirted into her mouth until she could eat cereal and drink from a cup.