All About Kali

These pages are dedicated to and are all about Kali.  Kali is my daughter and she is a special child in many ways.

She currently lives with her foster mom and dad in Oregon.  She was placed in their care May 2001.  She is doing wonderful, growing and flourishing.  

Kali Margaret Repasky was born June 29 1993.  She is very handicapped with very low cognitive skills and slowly developing social and physical skills.  She learned to walk when she was nearly four.  

She has no verbal speech but does understand some spoken words and a few sign language gestures.  She attends school and loves to ride the bus.    

Looking at Kali is like looking at any child.  Perhaps she smiles more and stumbles when she walks but if you watch her for a while you begin to notice that Kali is not like most any child you have encountered.  Drool seems to constantly drip from the side of her mouth.  It is more pronounced when she is ill or teething.

This site will grow and expand as I have time and inclination.  I lived with Kali for 8 years.  During that period, I  spent all but a few days care taking and watching her.  As she grew, she also seemed to be watched over by some guardian angel.  Despite constant vigilance, she occasionally got into things that could have harmed her.  Like the time she pulled ornaments off the Christmas tree and dropped them on the floor.  Pieces of glass were everywhere, except where her bare feet stepped.  

She did get injured occasionally, like most every child does, although gladly never seriously.  Like the time she put her fingers in the door and then tried to shut it.  She cried  a little but then went on with her life.  Her fingers were sore but you would never know it from watching her.  Only when you took her fingers in your hand and touched the bruised area, could you discern a wince on her face.  Of course, holding her fingers in your hand was no easy task. She did not like being touched and liked even less being held.

I do not have any pictures of Kali when she was an infant that I can include here however, I do  have pictures of her beginning around age six (1999) through August 2003.  I am no longer be able to see her every other weekend.  I now live in California and Kali still lives in Oregon.  Perhaps these recollections and observations about Kali are part of  my grieving process.  

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