Totally irrelevent musings while resting along various streams of consciousness. .


Short Stories "The Gift" (Dec 1996), "Why are we this way" (Feb 1997)

"The Beast or Dreams are only for pretending that you might loose the game" (Oct 1996)

"The Story of God",
The Search for the original or Raising Light" (Sept 1996)

A Truely Awe Full Story",
When The flowers were God"
Star Drive",
The Hue Man"(August 1996)

"The Story of Goo"
The Traveler reminices" (July1996)

The Fair 1990
The Path 1990
The Child 1995
Heavens Valley 1973
A Whole 198?
The Forest Cottage 197?
You and I know Better 197?
Leggacy 198?
Art does Not Require Repair 1992
Just Another Day In Paradise 1993
Incredible Journeys Never Begin 1994
To anyone interested 1993
Don't call me, I'll call you ! 1992
The Ticket Stub 1992


Quotes #1
Quotes #2
Quotes #3
Quotes #4
Quotes #5 Statements of the obvious


Adoring you 1995
Moving On 1995
Of Absolute Value 198?
Dear One 198?
The Trouble with Bliss 1994
Life is a dance 1992
Love is mystery stuff 1994
Very near the end of time 1993
We are all made of mystery stuff 1992

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A Universe
The Story of Everything
Are we Alone ?
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