Jan-Feb 1997 images

These images were done mid-Jan through mid-Feb 1997.  I used Bryce II, Fractal Design Painter, Caligari trueSpace, Macromedia Extreme 3D, KPT 3.0 and various tools to generate these images. Clicking on an image will provide a full screen size image. Some of these images are quite large and so, there will be a second page of about 600x600. The larger versions can be viewed form the second page


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Copyright 1996/1997 Tom Repasky (Flicker Light Studio) All images/writings copyright Flicker Light Studio All Rights Reserved. Reproduction or use of these images is permitted for personal use. Any commercial or profitable use prohibited without permission. Images that are copyright/owned by others are used here with their permission and may not be reproduced in any way without their permission. All of the images here are JPEG format. They are significantly compressed to permit rapid viewing. Higher resolution images may be available if you send me some email describing why you would like a printable image.

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