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Art for the WEB

Monthly changes by Tom Repasky

Flicker Light Studio is an ever changing collection of 200+ pages of Art and writings by Tom Repasky. Unique, original digital Art. Visual, colorful 3d images blending the organic and abstract with color, shape, texture, and light, and a collection of unique, original, visionary, imaginative poems, stories, and quotes.
This site is rated 'G'.
This site has received many
awards including a three star review from Magellan and Net Guide during June 1996, reviewed in The Net Oct. 1996.

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Background patterns free for your use

The Next page has some things worth checking as well, it used to be the homepage

I used to have The Other Guest book here but concerns of folks about the intention and my own analysis of the 'possible' author has motivated me to remove it. By the way if you send email to me, I will try to respond and will never divulge your address or identity on this site. I respect the privacy of others and have been very sure that any email address posted here is not in use (has been canceled).

The newest additions to the pages here. On-line drama in the Fear Game: or how some AOL users stalk and harass other AOL and non-AOL users. I am publishing them because it establishes (in time) when these letters happened, in case I need to prove/certify my concerns to AOL.

mostly Painter Gallery #15 (Dec 1996) Landscapes/abstracts Gallery #16 (Jan/Feb 1997), Surreal people images (Feb/Mar/Apr 1997)

Short Stories "The Gift" (Dec 1996), "Why are we this way" (Feb), "My House", "The City" (March 97), "My Day", "My World", "The Test", (April 97) The Special Creature (Apr 18)

Art on this site was created with Caligari trueSpace, Fractal Design Painter, Adobe PhotoShop, Vistapro, and Kai Power Tools, Bryce II, Macromedia Extreme 3D,Freehand,Xres.

For anyone concerned, I am not a cult, do not represent a cult, do not want nor have followers. My writings and art are not channeled nor are they intended to be anything more than my own musings on life and my understanding of myself over the years.

Copyright 1996/1997 Tom Repasky (Flicker Light Studio) All images/writings copyright Flicker Light Studio All Rights Reserved. Reproduction or use of these images is permitted for personal use. Any commercial or profitable use prohibited without permission. Images that are copyright/owned by others are used here with their permission and may not be reproduced in any way without their permission.

Last edit 4/19/97 Stats for this site can be accessed here
This site has had ~25,000 visitors Mar-1996 to Feb-1997
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This site is designed, maintained, and managed by Tom Repasky webmaster,artist,musician,writer