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These sequences were recorded in 1996 in my studio and 'poorly' converted to play on the WEB. I typically use 12-25 tracks and have 32 midi channels with 64 voice polyphony. Most WEB systems have only 16 tracks and 8 voice polyphony. As I add more I will attempt to consider these constraints. You may have to load a player like Cresendo.

Flicker Light Studio is an ever changing collection of 200+ pages of Art and writings by Tom Repasky. Unique, original digital Art. Visual, colorful 3d images blending the organic and abstract with color, shape, texture, and light, and a collection of unique, original, visionary, imaginative poems, stories, and quotes. Stop by the links pages. Logos page,Art links,3d art resources, Literary links, Spiritual and paranormal, Award sites, Search and Promote sites, my bookmarks. WEB Rings are a great way to visit 'themes'.

New Digital Art gallery #11 installed August 5 1996. gallery #12 installed October 12 1996.

Landscape gallery #13 installed December 6 1996. another Landscape gallery #14 installed December 6 1996.

Short Stories "Stones", "Creature", "A Truely Awe Full Story", "When The flowers were God" "Star Drive", "The Hue Man" (August 1996)

Short Stories "The Story of God", "The Search for the original or Raising Light" (Sept 1996) "The Beast or Dreams are only for pretending that you might loose the game" (Oct 1996)

All of the images here are JPEG format and may be used for any personal purpose. They are significantly compressed to permit rapid viewing. Higher resolution images may be available if you send me some email describing why you would like a printable image.

Sites that have my Art displayed

Raindance Gallery Portland Oregon 503-224-4020 since July 1996

The Blue Window Gallery

40 Degrees North Virtual Gallery

Boardtown Gallery

The Massurrealist Society International


The Labor of Love Gallery

Artists friends at Media Link and Graphics Exchange

I recently met Yvonne Maree John who also had a near death exzperience which changed her life. She does some really nice art as well.

Of Absolute Value
Some say there are no absolutes
Some say there are innumerable truths
I say it doesn't matter
You are absolutely here
And that's the truth

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