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Thank You Nick Boalch


Title: Thank You Nick Boalch
Uploaded: 03/16/07
Gallery: Photography
Subject: Other/Misc.
Media: Photograph
This image is the one I have been accused of copyright infringement on by another digital artist here at Art Wanted. In August 2006, while a member of another art site, I noticed that this artist had posted an image titled "Camelback". I wanted to compare the actual Camelback Mountain, so I used a photo from the Internet to do this. The faux pas I made is that I didn't think to include a disclaimer of ownership. I did receive permission from the owner of the image several days later, 8/21/06, and of course, felt very badly for what I had done. What followed this incident has been a nightmare for me. I was accused of copyright infringement, banned from that site, and stalked from art site to art site by this artist and a small group of his friends. This artist has sent mass mailings out to fellow artists, not only here on Art Wanted, but on other art sites as well, containing a link to an inflammatory web page. I am posting this image here to take away the power this artist feels he has over me. My life is open, I hide nothing. If anyone has questions, please send an e-mail. Both Tom and myself are more than happy to answer anything you wish to know. My thanks to Nick Boalch for giving me his kind permission to use this image in any way I want. Recently, the digital artist posted on a defaming web site "If Mrs. Repasky had pulled this from one of her personal scrapbooks of all the photographs of the gorgeous mountain or from her digital archive, it would have been just another photograph posted on the web site." and "Why didnt Mrs. Repasky use one of her very own photographs of Camelback Mountain? Time surely was not of the essence to clarify my work!" Sir, the reason I didn't use one of my very own photographs is because I don't have any. All of the family photos from when I was a child were lost after my Mother was murdered on July 21st, 1972.



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