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Happy Ostara Happy Easter


Title: Happy Ostara Happy Easter Anubis Waiting
Uploaded: 04/06/07
Gallery: 3D Rendering
Subject: Mystical/New Age
Media: Computer/Digital
As the funerary God, Anubis' task was to hold the scale for weighing the heart of the dead. When the heart was found to be lighter than a feather, the dead would then be led to Osiris for passage to the other world. When the heart was heavier than a feather, the soul of the dead was destroyed for all of eternity. This image shows Anubis waiting for such a moment. May we all weigh ourselves with introspective appraisal before passing, testing the balance for the lightness of our souls. May we all be lighter than a feather, and welcomed into the other world with open arms. Image and text created by Susan :-) This image copyright 2007 Flicker Light Studio.



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