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The Butterfly Prophecies Part Two


Title: The Butterfly Prophecies Part Two
Uploaded: 04/28/07
Gallery: 3D Rendering
Subject: Mystical/New Age
Media: Computer/Digital
As it came to pass, our interceptions began when we implemented the simulation called L.I.F.E., or Limited Information Feedback Endeavor. During the merging with the beings we found here, we were required to take a similar form of body, that which you see now. However, there was a distinct difference between what we saw and what we were, a flickering of energy which is inherent and quite visible even now in ourselves and our descendants. Some of the beings were reluctant to participate in the simulation, having a deep seated fear and superstition about anything they were not familiar with, but we overcame those fears through harmonious music and persuasive bodily motions. The harp, being the divine instrument of our world, was used to our benefit, lulling the beings into compliance, beckoning them to ourselves, creating a oneness which was required to begin the prophesy. Our Mother saw beyond the times what would be, preparing us, teaching us, growing us. We in turn have taught as many of the beings as possible, and with seduction saved more than we anticipated. The Butterfly Prophecies will be fulfilled. Will you be ready? Image and narrative by Queen Type O Negative. Copyright 2007 Flicker Light Studio.



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