Designed for HOA and CA Boards of Directors and small-business owners Focused on assets, services and members instead of units & billing Manages all types of assets including units, equipment and properties Created from the basic Microsoft Access assets and contacts databases Easily import existing data using a spreadsheet with included templates Easily customized and maintained Does not require a connection to the Internet Everything is in one computer file and easy to backup A read-only version can be easily accessed by Board Members

Back Story

The PMD Toolkit was developed to address the needs of an HOA that only owns infrastructure, where residents own their lot and structures. Quickbooks is used to manage assessment billing and collecting, operations and financial accounting and vendors. Resident address and other contact data is maintained in Quickbooks and Excel spreadsheets. The HOA lacked the expertise to create a reserve study and had used a wait-to-break maintenance program for many years. The PMD Toolkit design and implementation represents more than 1,000 man hours spent creating a reserve study, performing infrastructure asset research and developing tools that determine assessment requirements based on a 33-year maintenance program. The PMD Toolkit is a reserve study and a 33-year maintenance program. It also includes a database of vendors, members, board minutes, projects, maintenance tasks and much more.

Reserve Study

Everything you need is included except for a project to complete an optional engineering evaluation of your assets. The asset engineering evaluation project(s) have already been created for you with estimated costs including HOA staff hours.

Maintenance Program

A 30-year maintenance program can be easily created using the Toolkit and the results of the engineering evaluation of the assets. References and best practices are included for infrastructure assets.

Assessment Allocation

Use the spreadsheet based 33-year  simulation tool to identify the minimum member assessment allocation required to achieve the reserve fund target objective. Easily change assumptions and settings for gains & interest, maintenance costs, and budget inflation.
Board minutes, lawyer meetings and social databases Permits, inspections, complaints, violations, reviews and audits Enhanced resident contact details such as: expertise & do-not print my cell # Enhanced vendor contact details such as: do-not-use and expertise ranking Amenity costs including paid and volunteer labor hours Reserve Asset database with a reserve study report 50-Year maintenance program with costs, tasks, projects and schedules A reserve funding target simulator that produces three assessment level variants A one-time cost that is less than you would pay per year for a comparable product